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Caution! This May Be Hot. (2018)
Made in collaboration with Sarah Martino, Caution! This May Be Hot. is a multi-channel, salon style video installation of film and video tropes reimagined. 9 videos play on a loop, collaged onto the wall.

The artists perform each role: painter, youtuber, vampire, bride, zombie, greaser, business man, director, boom mic operator.
Sounds and actions from each video collapse into cacophony.

Videos included in this project:
Artist, Horse & Pony: A Painting in the Pastoral Landscape
Bride of Dark Desires
Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
If the Shoe Fits
Night of the Oozing Dead
Eating a BIG SAUSAGE!!!

.gif excerpts from Caution! This May be Hot:

gif excerpts from Cauton! This May Be H: